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As a creative company we can’t help but get excited about Pantone swatches. Colours generate the trends for so many things: fashion, art and life. Without colours the world would be a very boring place, we wouldn’t have the resources to be as creative and you wouldn’t have your brand identities. To celebrate Pantone, give…

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Perfect Pearls

Not only are Pearls the birthstone of June, they are also making a big come back and showing us how we should never forget how stylish this timeless stone can be. The fabulous Coco Chanel was famed for her pearl jewellery and said: “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” Pearls became a signature…

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Friday Focus

It’s amazing that our stock is constantly updating and new designs are being looked at every day. However, we understand that you can’t re-furbish your whole store every time we bring in beautiful, new props. So, for the past few months we have been running an event every Friday on our Instagram feed. Friday Focus,…

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New Year, New Ideas

Happy New Year! You can all relax, Christmas is over. Well, at least for another ten months. Your sparkling Christmas windows are coming out but that is the easiest to create, It is what you do now as the buying frenzy slows to bring in the sales for that critical first quarter. You have mere…

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Christmas Windows

It’s that time of year again. Chestnuts roasting on open fires, stockings hung on the mantelpiece and the streets filled with busy Christmas shoppers. Every jewellery store is trying to catch the eye of the passers-by with amazingly creative window displays. Stores are more now than ever trying to find their own identity and showcase…

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As you may have noticed, we’ve changed our look. Not just that – we’ve changed our name too. For the past 15 years we have been trading as The Jewellery Display Company, but to reflect the evolution and expansion of our business, we’ve gone for something a little shorter and a whole lot sweeter –…

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Pre-Owned Watches

The pre-owned watch market, which is estimated to be worth billions of pounds globally (Sotheby’s annual watch sales are £100m, while Watchfiner has annual sales of close to £40m), has delivered impressive growth in recent years, providing jewellers with a new revenue stream and consumers access to big brand names at accessible prices. To help…

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  If you lay a row of simple solitaires out in front of customers, how many of them do you think would be able to spot enough distinct differences to justify paying a premium for one over the others? The chances are, not very many – unless you happen to have a group of GIA…

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The Jewellery Display company has consistently created designs that utilise the most up to date colour trends throughout 2014. Carefully sourcing quality fabrics for optimum visual display, we have remained relatable to the trends in colour detailed by Pantone – the definitive guide to motifs in tones and tinctures.     Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman says; “This…

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Diversity – June

We want to tell you about our top jewellers of the month… Our chosen picks are: Alex Monroe Tomasz Donocik Andrew Geoghegan Stephen Webster We’ve worked with these fantastic jewellers to help display their unique and beautiful collections. Alex Monroe This award winning, British jeweller started out in 1986 and is currently celebrating his 25th…

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The birthstone of June – Pearl

This month we are celebrating the birthstone, pearl. This fantastic rare and magical stone is different from all others and we want to tell you all about it, from the process of it being created to what it’s used for today. The majority of gems need to be polished and cut to create its fantastic…

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History of the Engagement Ring – Wedding Season

Picking out an engagement ring is very important – it’s the piece of jewellery that’s worn everyday, remaining constant on a woman’s hand. It’s also a symbol of love and serious intentions for life long commitment. That’s why displaying it correctly is key for potential buyers. It’s not like purchasing any other piece of jewellery,…

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Driving success at Range Rover

We worked with Range Rover so that they could display products for one of their launches. The exciting event allowed them to show off their products to clients and potential buyers of Range Rover. Our show case cabinets matched their status and looked smart and professional. Range Rover’s reputation has always been associated with high…

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The Tower of London

We’ve been supplying show case cabinets to The Tower of London to project their collections. With millions of tourists pouring into the attraction every year, we feel very honoured to be working with them. The attraction itself, has a wealth of history surrounding it. Built in 1066 after William the Conqueror came to London, the…

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Not just jewellery display

Next seasons football fixtures were released this morning, so we thought we’d tell you about a display we did a while ago. We were asked to create a display unit for a pair of special football boots. The Nike branded shoes had been covered and encrusted in Swarovski crystals worth £3,000, making them a total…

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