Art of Colour Meets Art of Display

Harrods are illuminating the winter season with their latest exhibition windows labelled ‘The Colour Supermarket’. The Luxury department store has teamed up with Pantone to create an exciting pallete inspired by the colours set to pop this Spring. These vibrant displays are a part of the store-wide celebration of The Art Of Colour, and aim to narrate the possibilities and culture that surround colour.

Art of colour window display by luxury department store Harrods in London. A pastel pink window featuring supermarket and designer items.

“Colour connects us, it defines us; it is inclusive, inviting and confident.” Harrods 

Art of colour window display by luxury department store Harrods in London. A pastel pink and lilac window featuring supermarket and designer items.Photo credit:

Not only have these fun-filled windows got us excited for next season, they’ve also inspired us to create our very own spring pallete to help you beat the winter blues and get you ready for the warmer months.

From pale blue Easter eggs to baby pink blooms, it’s no secret that pastels are more attractive in the springtime, and we certainly can’t ignore the return of light-toned hues that have taken over catwalks. This year pastels are going far beyond Easter, so incorporating them into your display will help give your retail space a fresh look ready for Spring/Summer 2019.

Sky Blue

Soothing, calming and gentle, our sky blue evokes an instant sense of serenity and relaxation. This dreamy hue has a fresh undertone making it a go-to for spring.

beautiful collage of ring holder and earrings tand from the sky blue suede collection by TJDC

Blush Pink

Associated with spring flowers and bubble gum, our delicate blush pink communicates an element of romance and tenderness.  Feminine but not too sweet, this gentle tone holds a touch of warmth to emulate happiness and bliss.

Blush pink suede ring holders, ring stands and neck stand

Richer shades are also ones not to miss for the upcoming season, so if you’re not ready to embrace pastels just yet try including some of these warmer colours to your displays.

Lavish Purple

lavish and extravagant, this purple hue aims to capture a sense of luxury. It’s guaranteed to add an element of indulgence to your jewellery display.

Purple suede ring holder, display block, neck stand and small earring stand

Vibrant Orange

A blissful and bold shade of orange that will add some warmth and cheer to your display. This  vibrant hue is beautifully inviting and simply radiates joy.