Christmas Display Ideas With Our Acrylic Stars

It’s not long now until it’s that time of year again, and by now you will have seen some of the shops getting their Christmas windows set up. Selfridges unveiled their “With love from…” themed window 66 days in advance of Christmas day- on the 19th of October, meaning it was the first department store in the world to put up its Christmas window display this year! Harrods also revealed their Dolce & Gabbana Christmas window a few days ago, with reports that the designer duo spent 7 million pounds on doing up the 23 windows in the Knightsbridge department store.

As the biggest retailers in the UK compete for the most visually astounding Christmas window, it’s definitely time for the rest of the retail world to start putting up their Christmas decorations. Here at TJDC we’ve got some great display products you can incorporate into Christmas, one of them being our Acrylic Stars, which can be used in different ways to suit your products and ideas.

Blog Image - acrylic star AST2-F --

Here we’ve used the Frosted Acrylic Star to display a bracelet, and we’ve thrown in some festive extras as well! As there are five points on the star there are plenty of ways you could choose to display a bracelet or necklace.

Blog image - Acrylic star AST2-F

Here we’ve laid two of the stars down and used them as platforms for rings and pearls. The rings take center stage and really stand out, while the pearls look beautiful draped over the stars points.

Blog image - acrylic star AST2-F -

Another thing we can do for you at TJDC is print your brand name on to one of these acrylic stars, so it can then act as a branding block. We’ve showered this one in diamonds and glitter for a glam effect!

You can find more of our frosted and clear display blocks, in a variety of sizes, on our website. If you’re looking for more Christmas window display inspiration why not head over to our Christmas Pinterest board? We will provide you with more Christmas inspiration in the coming weeks leading up to the big day, so stay tuned!