Colour Blocks and How to Use Them

Colour blocking is used in all visually creative fields and, although a simple concept, deciding what colours you put together makes a huge difference as to how your creation is received. We all have our favourite colours, and the ones we don’t find as appealing, but most of us can agree on what colours go well together, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

It can be daunting to use colour, as a result many of us feel more comfortable wearing neutral colours like black and white, but what if you want to really stand out? When it comes to making your products stand out, it’s important to coordinate your display in a way that shows them off while looking stylish and tasteful. A great way to do this is to use our blocks, which we do in a few different colours including black and white. Take a look at how we’ve styled them below.

Blog Colour Blocks

Here we’ve teamed  different sized black and white blocks to create a base, and then built it up to create height and variation. The pink necklace and ring blocks pop out beautifully against the black, and the overall layered colour combination really allows this silver jewellery set to flourish.

blog pic

The great thing about these blocks is that it provides you with such flexibility, you can combine different sizes and colours to create your own personal display design. These blocks in particular have a sleek glossy finish, perfect for advertising luxury accessories in a simple yet inviting way.

The pink frosted wedges come in purple, orange, blue, navy, green, black and plain frosted, so there’s lots to choose from! Take a look at the range below.

blog pic colours

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re thinking about investing in some display blocks but aren’t sure which sizes or colours to go for! We can send you a selection of photographs with different size and colour combinations so you can work out what will suit your store and products best.