Diversity – June

We want to tell you about our top jewellers of the month…

Our chosen picks are:

  • Alex Monroe
  • Tomasz Donocik
  • Andrew Geoghegan
  • Stephen Webster

We’ve worked with these fantastic jewellers to help display their unique and beautiful collections.

Alex Monroe

This award winning, British jeweller started out in 1986 and is currently celebrating his 25th anniversary in the jewellery world. A massive success in his trade, Alex has used his surroundings as inspiration when growing up. These included fields, rivers, plants and creatures which inhabit all these things. His jewellery has been described as whimsical and intricately beautiful.

Alex is always the one to make the first original piece by hand before his skilled workers replicate the item, this gives his work distinctive signature of exquisite detail. He uses his fabulous skills to craft his pieces so that they are slightly quirky, cute and feminine, as well as pretty, humorous, but suitable for any occasion.

Alex Monroe has over 100 stores in the UK alone selling his pieces and has taken his collections worldwide attracting celebrity fans such as Sienna Miller, Emma Watson and Jo Whiley.

He has been involved with many projects, including producing a commemorative locket for the V&A and working with Kew Gardens to make a gold poppy for the British Legion. As well as this, Alex has written a book, called “Two Turtle Doves, A Memoir of Making Things” which will be published in March 2014.

Tomasz Donocik

Tomasz Donocik began working with Stephen Webster, before he set up his own body of work. His jewellery reflects literature, architecture and surrealism to give off a very masculine and modern collection.

Aimed predominately at women, these bold pieces reflect his award winning persona and have gone international with his collection of fabulous rings, pendants and bracelets. As a young designer, his work is very up and coming and new amongst the jewellery scene.

Some of his earlier projects have included work with Links of London and he has already won several awards for his designs, with potential to win many more.

Andrew Geoghegan

Another British designer, Andrew Geoghegan, uses only platinum and 18ct golds to create his pieces. He decorates them using exquisite diamonds and precious stones. His work has been described as luxurious, elegant and sophisticated and this is very much reflected in his signature pieces, the cocktail rings.  With their unusual names and striking appearance, his designs are one of a kind.

Andrew has over 50 retail partners and was a finalist for ‘Designer of the Year’ in 2005 and 2007. His other work consists of unusual engagement rings.

Stephen Webster

Stephen Webster is a very well known jeweller in the UK and internationally. The British designer has been Creative Director of Garrard and has made many award winning pieces making him extremely successful in his work.

With 7 boutiques internationally inculding London, Beverly Hills, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Vienna and Marbella, it’s not surprising that his creations have been seen on many celebrities. These have consisted of Madonna, Sir Elton John, Victoria Beckham and Jay Z.

Stephen’s style is far more bold and gothic, making him really stand out from other jewellery makers, this is why his pieces have been spotted on many red carpet events including the Oscars and the Grammys.


The vast difference in designers that we have worked with reflects our flexibility and diversity in our ranges, we feel confident to say that we are able to suit all styles of jewellery.

What does that say about us?