Friday Focus

It’s amazing that our stock is constantly updating and new designs are being looked at every day. However, we understand that you can’t re-furbish your whole store every time we bring in beautiful, new props. So, for the past few months we have been running an event every Friday on our Instagram feed. Friday Focus, which is what we’ve named it, is made up of three set-ups – we focus on one range or particular piece of display, and showcase it.Untitled-1_mini (1)There are two ways we focus on a Friday. We could focus on just one prop as seen above. Some of our props can have so many uses – just because it’s called a bracelet scroll does not mean you have to stay confined within those lines. Be creative with you display. TJDC has items that are evidently for multiple uses; like a block that can be used for branding, height or singular display. However, we also have items that can really make your consumer stop and think, if you get innovational.

We could take another route and focus on a whole range like below, where we looked at camel suede. It has recently gone into an amazing half price sale, so we wanted to show you, our customers, how to fit it into your displays. We select three other ranges that some of our social media followers may have already purchased and give them ideas of how to update with new props.
Untitled-1_mini (2)
Sometimes it can be quite simple. At the Visual Merchandising and Display show there was a lot of interest in magnetic frames, so in week 7 we focused on the various ways you can use these in visual marketing. The overall idea is the same, but the differences are there – a price point, a marketing image, an information point.2_mini (1)Two favourites were in week four and week ten. The feature image at the top of this blog post is from week four; we had a new fabric and we were excited to show and sell it to our customers. Shimmer silk came in white, pecan, pink and silver and we wanted to showcase them in all their glory by photographing them in beautiful pairs. The chocolate box look in the final image looks god enough to eat.

And in week 10 the very popular bell jars got their chance to take centre stage – see below. TJDC is not just for your jewellery display needs. We can help you with any retail enviroment: jewellery, cosmetic, fashion and many more. The possibilities are endless with our fantastic range of stock and Friday Focus is here to shout about it. Go and check out our Instagram page to see loads of other ways to get the best out of your display: TJDC Instagram.Untitled-1_mini (3)