wooiden display hand to showcaseand display necklaces rings and bracelets

Give your window a Mothers Day makeover

Now that the evenings are getting lighter and the days less greyer it’s time to start brightening up your visual merchandising to welcome the new season. There are several key dates in spring that retailers should be prepared for, and Mothers day is the first. Like any holiday standing out from competition can be difficult, therefore ensuring you create a beautiful Mothers day display that pushes your store into the forefront is crucial. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to transform your store ready for the special date.

 1.Champion your products

Showcase a range of products that will draw the attention of your customers making sure the main focus is on the items you want to promote as Mothers day gifts. Remember not to overcrowd your window, a neat display will allow clear visibly of your products while keeping it looking professional. Here we’ve put the jewellery piece in the spotlight using our beautiful wooden display hand, and incorporated some roses to give it a subtle feminine touch.

wooden display hand being used to create a mothers day visual merchandising display. This hand is used to display a selection of jewellery and fashion accessories such as necklaces rings and bracelets. TJDC

2. Enhance the gift-giving element

Pair your products with gifts that are associated with the date, flowers and greeting cards are both good options. Whether you hang a bouquet or scatter petals, using flowers is an easy way to brighten up a store window, and they’re perfect for spring. Below we’ve combined our blush pink suede collection with a selection of assorted artificial flowers. Incorporating gift boxes into a display is another easy way to play on the gift-giving aspect, using different sizes will give your display depth. You can also stack them in different formations to create stands for the products you want to showcase.

Blush/pastel pink jewellery display set featuring ring stands and necklace bust. this visual merchandising display was created as a mothers day display idea TJDC

3. Using a feminine colour palette

Light toned hues, such as pastel pinks and lavish lilacs are ones to bare in mind when creating your displays. These pastel tones will give your window a feminine touch and are also the perfect colours to gently ease your way into spring. Pastel hues are definitely ones to welcome for the upcoming season, as well as making a recurrence on runways these powdery tones were also at the core of Harrods’ bespoke spring palette.

4. Use clear signage to communicate the date

Mothers day is a date that seems to sneak up on us every year, so using clear branding blocks or magnetic frames to remind customers of the date is key. Having the date clearly visible or creating a countdown will create a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to buy.

Clear magnetic boards to show off your branding and signage TJDC