Jewellery Trends

London Fashion Week has come around once again, and we are loving all the new trends this year! As big and bold statement pieces are making their comeback, there has been a particular focus on jewellery at LFW 2017. Everything from large stones to big chains were making their way down the runway, and there were some really beautiful pieces.



Here at TJDC we pride ourselves on being able to create a wide range of display products in many different shapes, styles and materials, so customers can find the perfect fit for their designs. With so many different styles and preferences out there it’s important to offer lots of different options so our customers can make their products look outstanding! If you’re looking for the perfect display set for your statement jewellery why not try our bold orange, pink or teal display products to make them stand out?

It may be that you fancy something a bit more neutral and clean to display your bold jewellery and make sure they’re the star of the show. We have plenty of neutral tones such as some classic looking clear and frosted designs, or some beautiful grey tones.

As well as the clothing designers including jewellery in their collections there were plenty of jewellery designers showcasing their pieces in the new Jewellery Room premiering at London Fashion Week this year. Among the stalls was British/West African designer Sattu Matturi, with her bold and luxurious diamond encrusted earrings and ring designs. What’s not to love?

satta matturi

So make sure you go bold with your accessories this winter and don’t be afraid to opt for something eye catching, whether that be with something glamorous or something edgy. Until next year LFW!