Fashion retail merchandising display options TJDC- a collection of brushed gold metal cube risers perfect for displaying fashion accessories and jewellery

Metal tones for your monthly dose of display inspiration

When it comes to creating the perfect display, choosing the right cabinets, stands and P.O.S can really help elevate the aesthetic of your retail space, so if you’re thinking about refreshing your windows, or revamping your store to modernize, make sure you are familiar with the latest design trends to ensure your displays are optimized to their full potential.  Here’s a rundown of the most exciting design trends you should keep on your radar when updating your retail displays in 2019.


Mixed Metal Tones

Chrome, copper and gold are being used in far more innovative and creative ways as we move into 2019. After we encountered a shift in gold jewellery, mixed metals quickly became essential elements in fashion and home decor industries, so it’s not at all surprising they’re becoming a popular choice for retail displays. Our metal cube risers are great if you want to create luxurious displays that also have a modern twist, using them in a natural space will create a bold contrast and portray your products in a setting that it deserves. Because of their versatile and industrial design they are perfect for stacking on top of one another, and displaying your latest fashion accessories in a cool and quirky manner. From chrome to brushed gold, our metal fixtures are available in a variety of finishes and sizes so you can choose a style that’s right for you and your brand.



Light grey and natural suede are both set to shine this year- the perfect tones for adding warmth to your retail space. The beauty of using a calming palette in your display is that it makes whatever you are showcasing the focal point, simply combining neutrals with bolder and brighter accessories will stop them from getting lost in the display. For example, using our natural suede and light grey collections with colours like sky blue and green helps create a rich contrast to effortlessly elevate your display.

Natural suede ring display box and medium suede shoulder bust in light grey by TJDC

Art Deco

2018 saw a huge explosion of Art Deco inspired textiles, jewellery and home decor, and this mid-century opulent trend is set to become more prominent in the coming year which is great if you’re a fan of all things glamour. From a colour outlook this trend is all about pink hues and blushes, fused with plush forest greens. For showcasing your jewellery collection our blush pink and racing green collections will bring an injection of luxury charm to your display, and don’t forget Art Deco style is all about contrast, so introducing different textures will give your display a deco flair and keep it looking fresh.