New Year, New Ideas

Happy New Year! You can all relax, Christmas is over. Well, at least for another ten months. Your sparkling Christmas windows are coming out but that is the easiest to create, It is what you do now as the buying frenzy slows to bring in the sales for that critical first quarter. You have mere seconds to capture a customers attention and your window displays should reflect your creativity every season. You still want to look good and bring in the customers, but it can be hard to instantly recover after the busiest time of year and regroup before you get thrown into the January sales.

You are most probably fully immersed in your sale; however, we have some handy tips so that your display can still look as eye-catching and magical as your Christmas window did last week.
• The classic colour you see in every sale display is red, but it works. It is proven to attract attention and the public have come to recognise it as a colour that could represent discount and savings. Use red within your displays at this time of year, but don’t overdo it. Just a few accents of the fiery colour will keep your display looking striking rather than an explosion of red tackiness.
• Highlight your most discounted pieces. Make them the centre of attention and the first thing the consumer’s eye is drawn to. People love bargains, so use your best offers to your advantage.
• This may seem like an obvious point, but keep it all neat. The price is the main attraction during a sale, so you want it to be easy and legible. Advertise the price of items in a clear way; invest in some new price cubes. Also, don’t shove all your sale pieces in one display. It will look overcrowded, which in turn will look messy and daunt your customer.
• You still want to be selling your full priced pieces and it’s nice to give consumers space to breathe some ‘non-sale’ air. So integrate your standard stock with your sale stock. It keeps displays looking fresh and you can set people up for your next exciting season.
• Use information to drive that extra footfall through the door. If you are placing an attractive and sensible amount of pieces in your windows you need to let the window shoppers know that there are more great offers in-store or online. Branding blocks are perfect for this. You can have any size and have any image printed on to them. The imagery can have your logo and brand colours so that it ties in perfectly with your display; still looking sleek, but maximising trade.

But it doesn’t have to be all about the sales. It’s a new and exciting year, so you may want a new and exciting display. Embrace 2017 and become inspired with positive messages and bright colours. You could use a variety of bright display pieces (our suede range has some brilliant colours) to celebrate the New Year, or incorporate bright flowers to represent renewal.
In January 2015 Harrods had an amazing cherry blossom window, the perfect symbol of renewal.

harrods new year window

This New Year you could inspire your customers with positive quotes to get them feeling great about the twelve months ahead. Get a quote printed on a new display backdrop, or cut from acrylic to hang. A simple, classic quote like: ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ would work brilliantly. Or, you could go with something more philosophical from author Nike Campbell-Fatoki: ‘We are the authors of our destinies. No one can see the vision any clearer, believe in and work any harder to make it a reality more than the visionary’. Maybe there is a quote that is well suited to your brand and style, or you could keep it simple with a large ‘2017’ to let your customers know that it’s a new year with new stock and new delights to purchase.

For January 2014, Holt Renfrew used those New Year’s resolutions that we all make on January 1st whilst nursing a sore head, to their advantage and put animal heads on mannequins with fashion-related resolutions on the walls.

holt renfrew new year

Finally, you could start looking towards the next big event in the retail calendar, Valentine’s Day. It will be here before we know it and making your displays look beautiful for this loved-up day is a must.

In 2015, our customer Drakes, kept their valentine’s display sleek and classic. They used their timeless display props from TJDC, made from bespoke material in three different shades of grey, and paired it with silhouettes of couples enjoying romantic moments whilst rose petals drifted down. Silhouettes of couples could be created with our laser cutter. Figures made out of acrylic will add a touch of magic and be a real showstopper.

drakes - valentines 2016

Also last year, Bailey and Sons embraced proposals and marriage for Valentine’s Day, keeping the display props simple with frosted acrylic ring holders and then using these amazing ‘LOVE’ letters to draw people’s eyes in.

bailey and sopns - valentines 2016

We hope you had wonderful New Year celebrations and wish you every success for 2017.