As a creative company we can’t help but get excited about Pantone swatches. Colours generate the trends for so many things: fashion, art and life. Without colours the world would be a very boring place, we wouldn’t have the resources to be as creative and you wouldn’t have your brand identities.


To celebrate Pantone, give you some inspiration and showcase what we can do – we created Pantone Tuesdays on our Instagram page. Every Tuesday we pick a Pantone and explore how our stock and skills can encourage new ideas. Inspiration can be pulled from such a wide variety of sources, but colours are a strong contender and influence us every day.IMG_7550Brand conscious companies need perfect matching. They have built their name under certain colours and their customers recognise them for it. Everything has to be seamless and here at TJDC, we pride ourselves on offering that seamless service. Luxury Jewellery brand, Niquesa came to us to create display pieces in Amethyst and Lavender, their iconic brand colours. We eagerly took this project on and were able to present them with an exact match.IMG_6779We have recently completed a #PantoneTuesday series, looking at the Spring/Summer 2017 colour trend forecast. We have shown you how the predictions taken from the catwalk shows last year, can be used to keep your retail space updated and forward-thinking, and today we are launching our Autumn/Winter 2017 series to get you inspired for the seasons ahead.IMG_7628Pantone Tuesday is there to trigger creativity for all projects – from a simple, budget-friendly idea to an extraordinary, bespoke order. TJDC can offer so many different techniques to turn these ideas into reality. This is shown on our Instagram with printed blocks, vinyl wrapping, material sourcing and more.
File_000Don’t hesitate and get in touch with our design team today. Our professional advice can get you started on your colourful venture.IMG_7870