Pantone’s colour of the year: Ultra Violet

By now you must have heard the news, Pantone has announced their colour of the year for 2018!  Ultra Violet is a colour that is synonymous with UV ray light while representing freedom and creativity. We love how this colour visually pops out at you wherever it’s being used, whether it’s being paired with a subtle shade or another vibrant shade for a bolder look.

Design companies from all around the world take Pantone’s colour of the year very seriously, and it sets the tone for up and coming design trends, so it’s important to take note. Here at TJDC we’re very excited that such a strong and eye catching colour has been crowned colour of the year, and it’s a shade you can get very creative with. Talking of crowns, the purple shade is probably most well known historically for being used on The Crown Jewels that sit in The Tower of London.

Ultra violet purple crown jewells TJDC

Since then purple has had a strong association with jewellery brands, and you can see why when you look at the above pictures. The colour pairs wonderfully with gold and silver and makes the colours on the diamonds look stunning. TJDC had the pleasure of supplying the Historic Royal Palaces with beautiful showcases for some of their iconic London attractions.

If this is inspiring you to use more purple in your jewellery display we have a great selection of violet and purple display products on our website, ranging from suede to acrylic. Our earring T-bars below come with a choice of gold or silver metal finish, so you can decide which combination suits your jewellery best.

ultra violet products tjdc

Why not get ahead of the game and create a completely on trend display using 2018’s colour of the year? We’ve used a couple of them to create a simple and elegant necklace display as shown below.

ultra violet TJDC display

2018’s colour of the year is very different to the previous ‘Greenery’ of 2017, which was a natural shade representing fresh new beginnings. Ultra violet is here to shock and grab attention, giving people the opportunity to be extravagant. This means 2018 is the year to be daring with your design and ideas, don’t hold back!

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