Franchetti Bond

Leather-goods Boutique brand

We were excited when specialist, independent retailer, Franchetti Bond, ordered some of our props to use in a clothing retail space. TJDC began with jewellery display, but we love supplying all aspects of the visual merchandising market, and the fashion industry is very intriguing.

The leather-goods boutique company wanted shoe stands and handbag stands in their own RAL shade of white. We have the ability to powder coat our metal fixtures to any RAL code that our customer wants, so we got the perfect match for them. They also purchased magnetic frames to showcase images and information around their stores, and we created bespoke price points for them. Franchetti Bond needed price points that were easy to change-up often; so we added a small magnetic sheet to an acrylic stand and the prices could easily be slipped off and a different one stuck on.