Links Of London

Jewellery and Watch Kits

From the speckled paintwork to the different shades of brown, samples were rapidly produced within weeks to comply with the short lead times and the urgency of this project for Links. Combining deep shimmering brown paint in a matt finish with premium bespoke fabric in a palette of buff and brown, each colour set is specially designed to complement either the watch collection or the jewellery collection.

The modular design featuring a block system working on a 10cm ratio and reversible blocks which can be used both way is particularly adaptable for supplying display to a wide range of stockists across the world – who all have different store designs and space available for the brand – ensuring the collections are always presented in the setting they so rightly deserve.

The set is complemented with chrome detail finishing touches throughout which particularly stand out against the brown tones and make the brand highly visible in store.

As it turned out, this project was quite a challenge for our team working to very tight deadlines with consistency and outstanding quality at the heart of production process. We took the challenge and were delighted with the final result, and so was our client.