Olivia Burton

A floral and feminine watch brand

With Olivia Burton’s soaring success, they approached us for packaging that reflects their brand and a versatile display for their stockists.

They wanted a bespoke watch box design which demonstrated youth, nature, vintage and femininity. We went with a simple black inside so that the watch would be the main focus and pop against it’s dark surroundings. The box had a pearlescent finish with the iconic logo on top and the outer box was where we really embraced the vintage nature side of the brand – with foliage and birds on a white background.

Along with new boxes, the brand wanted a display that could go into any sized retail environment. They wanted to fit as many watches as possible into a small space, in case the store was limited, and have the ability to spread the display over a larger area. That is when we came up with the idea of a three-tiered watch display where each tier can be separated, and free-standing watch blocks. Light grey watch cushions were added and all of the display was finished off with branding.