Step by step screen printing with TJDC

We always do our best to offer our customers the most luxurious service. We have a brilliant team of in-house professionals that customise and brand our gloves and cloths that are available off the shelf. The process we use to do this is screen printing, a printing method that is over 1000 years old which was initially introduced in China – fast forward to the present day and it is one of the most common printing techniques being used around the world.

Here is an insight and a step by step guide on our in-house screen printing process where the results will never fall short of giving you an impeccable product from start to finish.

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–  Step 1 –
Choose your glove colour and size. Our gloves are available in a wide range of colours and sizes.


– Step 2 –
Liaise with our team to send over your artwork and choose the print colour, scale and position. We will then work according to your needs and send you an artwork proof for approval.


– Step 3 –
Once we have all your order details at hand we will proceed to prepare the screen that will be used for the printing of your gloves. The same screen can be used for any of your future orders guaranteeing consistency across the board.

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blog set 2blog set 1– Step 4 –

Our final step includes mixing the ink to achieve the perfect colour which we test on the fabric. We are now ready for print! Your ink will be named and put aside for any future orders ensuring that you can easily place a repeat order in the future.

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To complete your order we will carefully slip each pair of gloves onto a piece of card and then individually pack them into a zip bag in order to prevent any creases which might occur during transportation or storage. Thanks to our team and strict quality control we can ensure that every pair of gloves leaving our warehouse is absolutely perfect and will bring you entire satisfaction.

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