Summer Sale

Who doesn’t want a little helping hand every now and again. There’s an amazing offer on the TJDC website that is not to be missed. We have put together the perfect display set-up and put an even better price tag on it. The set-ups are available in Orange, Teal and Camel Suede. Each of these colours looks great on their own, but are also so versatile and can be placed with other prop variations. We have put plenty of display pieces within this product, enough to display all your jewellery, plus the added bonus of two base boards. There are five busts, a bracelet scroll, two base boards, six earring stands and fourteen settings for rings.

SET2-O 1

Orange suede is a show-stopping colour. The tangerine dream really pops and grabs the attention of anyone passing by. To continue this colourful parade you can pair it with teal suede for a fun and vibrant display. More subtle matches can be created, with white props keeping it fresh and black props adding some elegance.



The same can be said for teal suede, looking particularity great with black props. However, teal is extremely versatile and looks good with most of the suede range (including camel).


SET2-CThe whole camel suede range is currently on sale; so the price of this set-up is unbelievably good at more than 50% off! Camel is a classic colour and a favourite for jewellers.