Swarovski at Cannes

There’s only two necks you would display a Swarovski necklace on – either a high profile celebrity, or a TJDC display.

As Cannes film festival showed off it’s usual glam and glitter, it was an opportunity for most companies to show off their fantastic jewellery collections, Swarovski being one of them.

This year they used our jewellery displays to demonstrate and highlight their fabulous pieces, which were exposed to the stars.

Swarovski have been supplying jewels at Cannes Film Festival for more than a decade.

Working together with us, we created a bespoke collection to get the best out of their products. As you can see, the display necks emphasize the colouring of the pieces that  Swarovski had on display, to make them really outstanding and beautiful.

Working closely with them, we were aware of the trouble that Cannes had with jewellery thefts in past and present festivals, and this year left no exceptions. With two high profile robberies in the area, Swarovski were sure to not let it happen to them, stating that “we are not worried”.

With huge amounts of security at the hotel where the Swarovski collection was staying, their words were backed up when they really did have nothing to worry about.

An article posted by The Huffington Post explains the robberies in more detail:

Swarovski Not Worried About Cannes Jewel Thefts

There have been two high-profile jewelry thefts during the Cannes Film Festival, but team from Swarovski, which is providing baubles for stars to wear on the red carpet, isn’t too worried about its inventory here.

“Our position is not as high as Chopard,” Xavier Hottinger, a rep for Swarovski, said Thursday. The jewels he deals with just “look like precious stones.”

Swarovski has been lending, and in some cases gifting, celebrities some of its famous crystal designs at the festival for more than a decade. Stars, or their stylists, have come into the famed crystal jeweler’s luxurious white hotel suite during the festival to borrow items, including rings, earrings, necklaces and clutches.

This week, some of the stars who wore Swarovski included Frieda Pinto and Milla Jovovich. Some of the jewelry is still quite expensive: the dark gray earrings Jovovich wore on one red carpet cost about $321,000, said Hottinger.

But that’s nothing compared with the diamond jewelry that Chopard stocks.

“To steal $1 million worth of Swarovski products, you would have to steal a trunk,” he said.

Thieves stole about $1 million worth of jewels from Chopard after ripping a safe from a wall of a hotel room in Cannes last week, shortly after the festival began. The jewelry was stolen from a Novotel hotel room of an employee of the Swiss-based watch and jewelry maker.

A second theft was reported this week at the nearby posh resort of Cap D’Antibes.

Hottinger said Swarovski felt safe at the heavily guarded Martinez hotel, which is on the Croisette, the main strip in Cannes for the festival and where several stars are staying. It’s also where Chopard has its official suite, which was not burglarized.

Unlike other jewelry brands who lend for red-carpet events, Swarovski doesn’t use bodyguards to monitor the stars who borrow their items, which likely makes them feel more comfortable, Hottinger said.

“They have freedom, so they can go to a party without worrying,” he said.