The power of pastels

It’s no lie that pastels are quickly becoming the defining colour trend of the year, gentle hints of chalk-like tones are ruling 2019’s colour palette. This month, the two pastel hues that have inspired us, are blush pink and soothing sky blue. Paired together these dreamy diluted shades find a way to emit positivity, balance and calmness- the perfect colour scheme for creating fresh displays for the new season.

Blush Pink

Playful yet comforting, our blush pink communicates tenderness and romance. It’s soft and alluring nature is quick to draw you in, and it’s sweet charisma is impossible to resist.

Sky Blue

The foundation of this blissful shade of blue originates from summer memories. Approachable and dreamy in its tone, It offers a sense of clarity and confidence while capturing an element of tranquility.

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