Our trays come in an array of varieties to make for a glamourous touch when selling jewellery products. They come in the two colours of black and white, and we provide them in different materials to suit your style. For example, we have some that come in  leatherette or in acrylic.

We have stackable trays for the following uses:

  • Pendant trays
  • Necklace trays
  • Bracelet trays
  • Earring trays
  • Ring trays
  • Hook necklace trays
  • Stackable trays for charms
  • Presentation trays
  • Luxury watch and bangle trays
  • Lids for the stackable trays

View our whole range HERE and HERE

These trays really do bring a difference when presenting the client with your products, it looks profession and very smart.   Image