Valentines Day: Visual Merchandising Prep

Valentines’ day is fast approaching and a date every jeweller should have in their diary. During this period customers will be looking to purchase that special gift for a loved one – whether it be a pendant necklace, an engraved bracelet or an engagement ring. It is really easy to create an eye catching and love-filled shop window that will entice potential customers into your store.  Below are a few ways to make a simple yet effective transformation with the least effort possible.

valentines blog 1Valentines ring stands 2Here we’ve paired our white display (BS001) and acrylic ring stand set (G5SR-W), and customised this with these gorgeous velvet hearts. We’ve printed a classic heart design onto our ring stands, and we can do this on any of our acrylic products with any design you desire. tjdc valentines blog -valentines blogging tjdc

If you are a fan of colour why not try our pink acrylic collection? For our loved up theme we have added contrasting white acrylic and mirrored hearts which have been laser cut in house. We have the ability to laser cut in house in an array of shapes and colours.

valentines blog val-bsval-bsa blog

If you haven’t thought of anything yet this one is for you! Our heart base board (VAL-BS) complete with two miniature hearts in red velvet and mirror finish is a very flexible set you can use in many different ways. The two baseboards can be put together for a mini Valentines stage or put apart in different areas of the window. Simply add it to your existing display! We’ve styled ours with some leatherette ring stands, perfect for dazzling engagement rings.

We make this design in-house and can work with our customers on bespoke designs of the same nature. If you have a design of your own you would like to discuss with us please give us a call on: 0208 805 8551 or email: [email protected], and we will do our best to make it happen!