Visual merchandising trends set to transfrom retail

One month on, and we’re still buzzing about this years VM&Display show. Full of innovative solutions and cutting-edge creativity, the show harnessed a selection of key trends set to dominate the retail landscape in 2019. From paper furniture and giant ice creams, to foam signs and strawberry scented graphics, the show truly was a feast for the senses. Here is a small round up of themes and trends that caught our eye.

Colour is everything

The array of playful colours certainly gave the show a pulsating energy, exhibition stands embraced almost every colour in the rainbow. As visitors entered Islington’s business design centre they were greeted by a spectrum of vivid pinks and vibrant retail concepts, before glancing up at Harlequins bouncy castle monster in a brilliant shade of turquoise. Exhibitors showcased everything from lively prints, punchy blocks of colour and bright-as-can-be neon lights, themes that will no doubt be embraced by retailers throughout the summer.


With visual merchandising teams often struggling to source sustainable products, paper props and recyclable fixtures served as a clear solution throughout the show. B Mannequins proved that fashion and sustainability go hand in hand with their 100% recyclable mannequins, while the Paper Lounge presented everything from tables to foot stools, all entirely made from paper. The show also gave us an opportunity to present our newest collection, walnut wood- a set of 3 wooden display blocks made completely from sustainable wood.

Engaging concepts

Pictured above is our printed perspex, created using our in-house branding facilities, it was a clear hit among visitors.  As guests walked by they were stopped in their path to get a closer look at the Instagram-worthy display.  In order to stand out in a crowded high street retailers need to start thinking outside the box with their visual merchandising.  Creating innovative concepts with a visual punch will boost customer interaction and ultimately increase brand recognition.

The demand for versatility 

In this ever changing retail industry, the demand for versatile products is growing. With companies opting for pop-ups and creative exhibitions rather than physical stores, display props need to be adaptable and easy to transport. One of our most talked about products were our flat packed metal plinths, visitors were more than impressed with their versatility and light weight structure.


Retail Isn’t doomed

This years show confirmed that brick-and-mortar stores continue to act as the forefront of consumer interaction. As more and more retailers look for innovative ways to engage with customers, visual merchandising is becoming more important than ever.  Companies have everything to gain by utilizing their displays to help bring their brand, products and stories to life.