Walnut Wood-the iconic luxe that’s here to stay

As expectations on social responsibility increases, companies across all industries are recognizing the need to act on sustainability. With this issue at the forefront of many retailers minds, the demand for displays that are durable, sustainable yet still stylish, is quickly growing. Luckily for visual merchandisers, our walnut wood blocks tick all of the above.

With the revival of retro glam, walnut wood is stealing the spotlight in the design world. Eminent for its plush colour, this mid-century wood is the perfect iconic mixer for a luxury space. Take for example the pairing of walnut wood and richly veined marble, it brings a seamless touch of aesthetic appeal.

Walnut wood is famously used in the most premium of boutiques to create the ultimate luxe interior. This London Burberry store uses rich walnut furnishings coupled with opulent beige hues to exude a sense of sophistication.


It’s easy to associate walnut wood with classic schemes, but balanced with the right accents, this warming wood can work equally as well in a contemporary space. Take for example this refurbished 19th century hotel. The marriage of walnut wood and industrial detailing, such as raw concrete flooring and exposed brickwork, forms a beautiful juxtaposition of contemporary luxury.


Grey Suede & Walnut Wood

Balancing the richness of the walnut wood with cooler influences will create a display that feels modern yet still luxurious.  In this set up the the wood is accented by the freshness of our cool-led grey.

Natural Suede & Walnut Wood

For a timeless look, highlight walnut wood with applications of  soothing natural suede, this will give your display a stylish sophisticated feel that simply screams luxury.

As we have been working on a more sustainable and eco friendly range of products for our customers, we cannot wait to share with you what’s coming next. Stay tuned!